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Call Us Today!
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Pet Hospital

Turkeyfoot Family Pet Center Veterinary Services

AnchorPreventive Medicine:

The key to keeping your pets healthy! We would like to thoroughly examine your pet every 6-12 months to help detect any health problems that may occur as well as monitor for any zoonotic diseases (diseases that can be passed to you). This is especially important as they get older. Vaccinations (tailored to your pet’s lifestyle and need), fecal and blood tests for parasites, parasite treatments and preventives, and blood and urine testing all help us to keep your pet feeling great.

AnchorSurgical Services:

We are able to perform most routine surgical procedures on site. We take great care to keep your pet comfortable and safe during the entire procedure by providing the latest in pain management and anesthetics. All surgical patients receive intravenous fluids, a warming blanket and heart monitor during the procedure. For more difficult and complicated surgeries, we will call in Dr Michael Slawienshi, a board certified Veterinary Surgeon or refer your pet to two of the best referral hospitals in the state, Akron Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center or Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital.

AnchorDentistry/Oral Health:

Just like your dentist recommends, we recommend regular professional teeth cleanings. Keeping your pet’s mouth healthy is crucial to long term health and involves continuous maintenance. Regular brushing at home and regular visits to the doggy dentist will keep their breath smelling fresh and clean.

AnchorIn-Clinic Diagnostics:

We are able to perform most routine diagnostic tests right here in our clinic. Digital radiographs (x-rays), ECG’s (electrocardiographs), blood pressure measurement, ultrasounds, blood and urine tests, and several tests for infectious diseases are just a few of our capabilities.

AnchorPet Recovery Service:

Follow the link for HomeAgain Pet Recovery Service to find out more. We can implant a microchip into your cat or dog and give them a permanent ID that travels with them wherever they go. Your contact information is stored in a national computerized database and is linked to your pet’s microchip ID number. Should your pet get lost, the number is retrieved from them and you are contacted based on the information in the database.

HomeAgain Pet Recovery Service

AnchorClient Education:

We are here to answer your questions and help you solve your pet’s problems! Nutrition, obedience, puppy training, breeding, whelping, coat care, flea and tick prevention, traveling, specific diseases (diabetes, kidney failure, obesity, arthritis, etc). These are some of the many topics most commonly discussed. Most answers are free. But for more in-depth discussions we may ask that you schedule an appointment specifically with the doctor to properly educate you and discuss your pet’s particular problem. We are here to help you and your pet live happy, healthy lives together.


We strive to keep the most current and effective medications and supplements in stock. If there is a particular medication, supplement, or prescription food that your pet needs, ask and we will make every effort to provide you with what you need or offer an alternative.

Surgical Services
In-Clinic Diagnostics
Pet Recovery Service